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    Training - 15/1/2017

    January 8, 2017 by The Scotsman

    Just a note, there will be fleet and AvCom training on Sunday, 15 January at 00:00 UTC. Attendance is voluntary. If you plan on attending, please be on 30 minutes before training is due to start to get outfittings and cannon ammunition.



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  • The Scotsman

    As of 5-8-2015, the Antilles Squadron is ready to raid RCS and Strange Brew held ports. Influence, Unrest Bundles, and War Materiel will be passed around as officers of the Squadron log on. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Operation: Firestarter.

    You are to bid for Jenny Bay, and then join Admiral Collingwood at Cayo De Marquis for the flipping procedure.

    You are to bid for St. John, and join Battle Group I with Admiral Collingwood and Admiral Goldtimbers. Bring a frigate.

    You are requested to take Battle Group II ( You, and whoever you can scrounge up... We don't know who you will be bringing... ) And start the flipping procedure at Cayo De Marquis, Florida.

    You are to bid for Nassau, Bahamas, and join Battle Group I or II at Cayo de Marquis. …

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  • The Scotsman

    This blog is to list persons of interest to the Antilles Squadron High Command. Every member is to add these people to their friends list for observation, and report any suspicious activity by commenting on this blog.

    1. The Royal Crown Squadron - For treason, witholding vital information, and
    2. Strange Brew - Direct attacks upon high command.
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