As of 5-8-2015, the Antilles Squadron is ready to raid RCS and Strange Brew held ports. Influence, Unrest Bundles, and War Materiel will be passed around as officers of the Squadron log on. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Operation: Firestarter.

Admiral John Goldtimbers' Orders

You are to bid for Jenny Bay, and then join Admiral Collingwood at Cayo De Marquis for the flipping procedure.

Admiral George Rhodes' Orders

You are to bid for St. John, and join Battle Group I with Admiral Collingwood and Admiral Goldtimbers. Bring a frigate.

Flotilla Commander Kwagar Ocata's Battle Request

You are requested to take Battle Group II ( You, and whoever you can scrounge up... We don't know who you will be bringing... ) And start the flipping procedure at Cayo De Marquis, Florida.

Admiral Spark's orders

You are to bid for Nassau, Bahamas, and join Battle Group I or II at Cayo de Marquis.

What I will be doing

I will be organizing the effort with my FT alt, while bidding for Port Royal and joining Battle Group I at Cayo de Marquis. Anyone who wants to join as well, please send me In-Game mail ( John Collingwood ) or message me on here.

Good luck to those of us that are participating. God Save King George! 

~John Collingwood, Fleet Commander of the Antilles Squadron